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Appian ResourcePro

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Appian ResourcePro

ResourcePro™ is a resource scheduling software for use with Appian's DirectRoute™ vehicle routing and load optimization software. The ResourcePro plug-in optimizes the drivers and power units required for a daily or weekly route schedule. It provides crucial information for fleet scheduling and strategically planning growth and/or eliminating unnecessary costs.

Improving efficiency doesn't stop with optimized routes. You need better scheduling for your drivers and trucking fleets as well, and the right-sized fleet plan to meet your current transportation needs. When used as fleet sizing software, ResourcePro uses delivery time windows, equipment restrictions and DOT rules to calculate fleet size requirements for any given routing scenario. This also makes ResourcePro an ideal bidding tool for 3PL companies looking to win new business and deliver transportation economies.  

ResourcePro will help you to:

1) Eliminate under-utilized equipment and non-value added driver hours

2) Quickly prepare bid presentations

3) Minimize the fleet size required to operate a piece of dedicated business

Key Benefits:

  • Increase profit
  • Reduce capital requirements
  • Easy to use
  • Real world solutions
  • Generate bids
  • Optimize resources with fleet sizing


  • Extensive reporting capabilities for dispatch schedules, miles and hours per driver, etc...
  • Ensures compliance based on rolling DOT driving restriction parameters
  • Considers teams vs. singles, day cabs vs. sleepers
  • Solves multi-depot optimization simultaneously
  • Easy to read Gantt chart format
  • Easy to use graphical interface allows drag and drop editing
  • ...and many more.